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The other fairy tale

Once upon a time, there was a group of gentlemen tired of their jobs in the advertising industry. One day, by mere coincidence, they arrived at a golf course, fell in love with the game and lived there happily ever after until death parted them. So much about the fairy tale version. Though the real one is, more or less the same, but maybe a bit less poetic. The real one includes countless hours of hard work, perspiration, despair in an absolutely new world, running there and back across Europe, negotiating prices, missing deadline and in the end feelings of happiness and contentment of a well-done job.

Golf and fashion

We love fashion, even more than average people. We’ve worked with various brands from all over the world and as we’ve always been fascinated by that we told ourselves that one day it would be nice to join it with our own project.

We’ve combined our love of golf with our love of fashion and the new brand came to existence. We set a very clear aim -  provide the new generation of golfers with unconventional apparel and accessories. With youthful cheekiness to kick the ass of the old and conservative golf world and create a provocative new brand that would appeal to a completely new target audience.

The Game

The opportunity to play a good game of golf should not solely be about sports performance and wanting to reach the best result, but also about relaxation and the opportunity to be well dressed. After all, not everyone is a professional player, and most of us play this wonderful sport just for the mere joy of the game. We’ve always liked the world of golf apparel that seems to have disappeared. We decided to revive it and re-interpret it in an absolutely new way. And since most models of functional clothing reminds us of some kind of alien suits, we decided to return colours, patterns, comfort and entertainment to the greens. Just to make it clear that golf is a great time to relax and wind down.

Our Players

Going out on the green dressed in our apparel is a kind of a fashion statement. It is the manifesto of a new generation of players whom are totally reluctant to all conventions. Our players formally meet all the demands placed on clothes and accessories in this sport and yet stand out from the crowd with their unique playfulness. Our collections are always full of internal contradictions. Ideologically based on the best traditions of the preppy look, but fundamentally denying and creating a kind of darker preppy side of preppiness. A man, who at quick glance looks original, though still proper, but at closer examination ...

Quality and Responsibility

Our products should not only be fashionable but should meet the high demands players put on their clothing and accessories. This is one of the reasons we spend weeks debating about fabrics, colours, cuts and features. Quality materials and workmanship are key for us and we guarantee all customers that our products are made of European and American materials and produced under fair conditions in the EU. No Asian sweatshops!

CSR and forest friendly - the majority of our communication takes place online, which leaves quite a negligible carbon footprint and the minimum of printed materials we use is fully recycled and on recyclable paper. Our clients appreciate the point that, wherever possible, we use punches and hand writing, which not only support the hallmark of originality and exclusivity, but are planet-friendly.