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Shipping information:

Our driver strikes to every European country. The shipping times and aprox. costs are shown in the table below. The shipping costs depend on the weight of your order. 

If you spent more than 300 Euro on one order, the shipping is on us! 

That’s our kind of game.





During sale periods and promotions, the delivery time may be longer than normal.

The Buyer shall acquire title to the goods at the moment of payment of the full purchase price.

The risk of damage to the goods shall pass to the Buyer upon takeover of goods by the Buyer or third party acting as the Buyer from the Seller or its representative authorized to deliver the goods, or if the Buyer fails to do so, at the moment, when the Seller authorizes the Buyer to use the goods.

During the creation of an order, the Buyer shall select a delivery method of goods (shipment) by the representative of the Seller (courier), the Seller will deliver the shipment to the Buyer through a courier to the chosen place of delivery; goods are delivered by courier only during business days.       

The Buyer or its representative shall accept the goods at the place and time of delivery (time range) agreed upon in the Purchase agreement.

 The Buyer shall check the shipment, as well as its packaging immediately after delivery and inform the Seller of any damages to the goods.